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Alviti Creations

Low Gluten Host Ciborium "GIFT"

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  • $180

G.I.F.T.  Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving from Alviti Creations.  Made in the USA!  The G.I.F.T. is a revolutionary vessel which clips onto your existing ciboria and is designed to help make the distribution of low-gluten hosts respectful and easy.


 Click the image to watch a video showing more details about this wonderful product. 

The "GIFT" is available in a variety of finishes to fit seamlessly with your existing vessels.

The "GIFT" includes one Low Gluten Ciborium with cover, two protective strips with adhesive and one matching Amulet.  Additional amulets are sold separately.   All items are 24KT gold plated.  The host capacities are based on 1-3/8".