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2600 Confessional Kneeler

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  • $1,990

#2600 Confessional Kneeler with wood armrest and aluminum mesh screen

#2600A Confessional Kneeler with padded armrest and aluminum mesh screen.

Dimensions: 30" W x 21" D: with opened confessional panel 59" H, with closed confessional panel 32" H.

#2601 Metal Screen (pictured) - Includes two pieces of perforated cloverleaf pattern metal with a black fabric center layer.  Available for an additional fee.

Confessional Kneeler from Woerner Industries is available in 16 different wood finishes and several fabric colors.  Made in Rochester, NY!

When ordering please make note of your finish and fabric color choices.

  Finish Colors Available:

 Light Oak          Antique Cherry         Walnut

 Mahogany        Amber                      Dark Oak

 Fruitwood        Harvest Oak             Limed Oak

 Medium Oak   Sienna                      Golden Oak

 Pecan               Natural Oak              Rosewood


Fabric Colors Available:

 Sherpa Academy           Sherpa Amber

 Sherpa Berry                 Sherpa Billiard

 Sherpa Brittany             Sherpa Brown Haze

 Sherpa Cardinal            Sherpa Concord

 Sherpa Dark Blue          Sherpa Grape

 Sherpa Grey Heather    Sherpa Grey Mix

 Sherpa Herald               Sherpa Hudson Bay

 Sherpa Hunter               Sherpa Indigo

 Sherpa Ink                     Sherpa Ivy League

 Sherpa Jade                  Sherpa Maroon

 Sherpa Moss                 Sherpa Navy

 Shire Red Rose