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Desta 250G-EN Jubilee 2025 Tapestry

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  • $240

The 2025 Jubilee will run from December 2024 (Christmas) to January 2026 (Epiphany).

This beautiful gold tapestry of fine viscose blend fabric with golden threads features the official Jubilee 2025 Logo in English with the Jubilee Prayer by Pope Francis woven on the front of the tapestry.

Made in Italy.  Dimensions are 56-1/2" x 25"

May the grace of the Jubilee reawaken in us, Pilgrims of Hope, a yearning for the treausres of heaven.  May that same grace spread the joy and peace of our Redeemer throughout the earth.  To you our God, eternally blessed, be glory and praise for ever.  Amen.  Francis