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Remembrance Lites

Emkay Remembrance Lites are the perfect memorial choice.  They are available in three colors (ruby, blue and clear).  These Remembrance Lites are available with a Center Spike, Offset Spike or an Eastern Cross.

These fixtures accommodate the #797 Candle Refill.

Scroll to the right to see prices in the table below.

Diam. Code Price Per
Center Spike Ruby 1001-47 $96.80
Center Spike Blue 1001-52 $96.80
Center Spike Clear 1001-50 $96.80
Offset Spike Ruby 1002-47 $100.20
Offset Spike Blue 1002-52 $100.20
Offset Spike Clear 1002-50 $100.20
Eastern Cross Ruby (not pictured) 1004-47 $100.20
Eastern Cross Blue (not pictured) 1004-52 $100.20
Eastern Cross Clear (not pictured) 1004-50 $100.20