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Resurrection of Christ by Coypel Banner Stand - 800

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This banner stand is 78" tall by 33" wide and features the image of the Resurrection of Christ by Coypel. Fully retractable and stored in an aluminum case, it takes less than a minute to extend the telescopic pole and unroll the Resurrection of Christ by Coypel banner. Each unit includes a nylon travel bag for storage and transport, making the banner stand an excellent tool for priests, professors, and missionaries who travel and spread devotion to Christ.

A vibrant and glorious image of the Resurrection of Christ by French Baroque artist Coypel! Noel Coypel (1628-1707) painted this depiction of Jesus rising from the dead in 1700. The frightened soldiers, the luminous angel, and the awestruck Mary Magdalene and her companion all draw attention to the joy, power, and magnificence of that first Easter morning. Christ is shown to be victorious over death, symbolized by the banner of the Cross in His hand, the change from dark at the bottom of the image to light, and the light brilliantly emanating from Him. Alleluia! Christ has risen from the dead, trampling over death by death!

From top-to-bottom, the banner stand measures approximately 78" tall when fully extended. In reality, the banner stand can be extended several inches more, but a total height of 78" is our recommendation for the best combination of visibility and stability.