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Slabbinck 50-5349 Stole

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This beautiful overlay stole is embroidered with the Lord's Prayer in gold embroidery.  Crafted in white dupion fabric.  Stole style #25 flat capuche.  Stole Length is 57".  Made in Belgium.  

Pope Francis calls on the more than two billion Christians worldwide to jointly pray the Lord's Prayer in connection with the corona crisis. To support this powerful call, Slabbinck created this "Our Father" stole.

"I invite all heads of the churches and leaders of all Christian communities, together with all Christians of different confessions, to call to the Most High, Almighty God, and to pray together the prayer that Jesus, Our Lord, has given us I therefore invite everyone to do this several times a day. May the Lord hear the unanimous prayer of all His disciples who are preparing for the victory of the Risen Christ."