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Slabbinck 5359 Reusable Mouth Mask

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Made in White Pius fabric, 100% Polyester.

Slabbinck developed a comfortable reusable mouth mask that is washable at 200°F in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Made in 100% polyester, with ribbons in cotton. Because an additional filter can be fitted, the mask can offer an extra protection if desired.   In addition, the ribbons provide a custom closure. 

Cloth masks should be laundered using detergent with hot water and then dried on a hot cycle to kill bacteria and microbes.
Wash hands with soap or disinfectant gel before putting on the mask.
Slide the filter into the mask, for example a piece of fabric from an old T-shirt.
Make sure the mask protects the mouth and nose.
Tighten properly so that there are no gaps when wearing the mask.
Sterilize the mouth mask at least once a day for optimal use.
A mouth mask does not offer complete protection. Respect social distance and stay at home with symptoms of illness.
The mask is two-layer, but does not have an approved filter capacity.
Not CE certified.