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Beau Veste

Style #1215B Embroidered Lace Altar Cloth

This beautiful Swiss embroidered lace is washable and will be expertly applied to the fabric of your choice.  Shrinkage will be calculated on the fabric selected if needed.  The width of the lace is 4-3/4".  It is $44.00/yard.

Choose from three fine fabrics to best meet your needs:

  1. #33 Poly/Linen Blend, 60" Wide ($58.00/yard)
  2. #1014 Pure Line, 72" Wide ($74.00/yard)
  3. #470 100% Polyester, 66" Wide ($35.00/yard)

Determine size of altar by referring to the image below for measurements.

  • A = width of top
  • B = front drop
  • C = length of top
  • D = side drops
  • E = back drop

There is an additional charge for labor for sewing the lace and a hemming fee.  Contact us for a price quote.